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Our Photographers

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Michael Tracey
Michael has lived in the Asheville area for over 20 years, works on tech for Biblio selling books online. Photography is a hobby to keep him away from computers on his off-time.

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Photographer for Life!  I love exploring Asheville and Western North Carolina and photographing my discoveries!  I am currently in the 2nd year of a 365 blog project – “Asheville CLicKs”, a year round photo diary of Asheville and WNC. I am also a full-time professional portrait and event photographer. 

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Cat Ford-Coates
Cat picked up her first camera in Florida in the late nineties and instantly fell in love.  She’s traveled up and down the eastern seaboard and made Asheville her home. She loves reaching out to her community and capturing those special moments of and between people and is excited to have joined Image Asheville to help define all that is special in our community. See more of Cat’s work at Studio 828 Photography

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Ruthie Keith
Ruthie Keith is a Mass Communication student at UNC Asheville. She is a native of Raleigh, NC. Ruthie has always had a love for taking photos and is just now getting to experiment with a nice Cannon Rebel camera. Asheville is a unique community to capture moments in and she is grateful to work with image Asheville to share her experience.

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Clark Mackey
Asheville based web marketer who loves photography, particularly the film kind.

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Drew Heinz
I like photos and taking them.

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Sarah Carballo
Sarah Carballo is studying to complete a bachelor’s in mass communication at UNC Asheville. She currently interns with UNC Asheville’s Communication and Marketing Office where she produces multimedia, including photography and videography, for the National Conferences on Undergraduate Research (NCUR).

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Gabriel Ainslie
Gabriel Ainslie is a journalism student at UNC Asheville. A native of Chapel Hill, NC, Ainslie was always interested in photography but did not get serious about picking up a camera until he moved to Asheville in August of 2010. He feels honored to be among the photographers of Image Asheville and looks forward to sharing his work here in the future.

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Anthony Bellemare
Anthony is a documentary and portrait photographer based in Asheville, NC. He is currently working on several personal projects as well as editorial assignments for magazines. See more of his work at abellemare.com

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Emily Henderson
Originally from Long Island, NY, Emily Henderson relocated to North Carolina where Asheville eventually found her, enabling her to explore nature and see the world in a different way than she previously had. A student at UNC Asheville, she hopes to graduate and along the way, find herself.

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Rachel Roberson
Rachel is studying Mass Communication at UNC Asheville. She hopes to pursue a career in Public Relations after graduation, particularly with non-profit organizations.

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Alex Baker
A classically trained Actor and Dancer, Alex found his way to photography through a passion for creative, visual storytelling. After moving to Los Angeles in 2008 to work in freelance film production, he was encouraged to take up portrait photography in the realm of theatrical headshots for actors and models. Alex recently relocated to Asheville to commit more time and focus to his photography.

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Anthony Harden
Anthony is a professional photographer/videographer based in Asheville, NC. He creates compelling imagery for businesses and individuals to show them at their best.

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Layne Pierce
Layne Pierce Layne Pierce is a born and raised North Carolinian who hails from Wilmington, North Carolina. He began his college career in the fall of 2014 and plans to conclude it in the spring of 2018. Layne plans on majoring in Mass Communication and minoring in creative writing so that he can realize his dream of being a screenwriter and published author. Layne enjoys eating out, hanging out with friends and writing in his spare time. He has two dogs named Einstein and Cloo and when he is not living on Campus, he is at home in Wilmington with his family.

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Jackson Stahl
Jackson Stahl is a professional photographer & videographer originally based out of New York City, but happily here in the unique Asheville area since 2008.  Connecting with people and shaping an era through captured images is a lifelong goal of Jackson.  Jackson has been published in numerous publications, and is very excited to contribute his work to Image Asheville!  Visit www.JaxhouseProductions.com for booking or more information.

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Micah Mackenzie
Micah Mackenzie is a professional photographer from Sumter, SC, currently living in Asheville. As a photographer, Micah creatively manipulates his chosen medium using a multi-layered and rich approach with a focus on portraiture and people. Micah is proud to be counted here among a group of photographers who inspire him both as artists and human beings.

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Erin Dalton
A student-athlete at UNC Asheville aspiring to be a writer and photojournalist. Interested in seeing the world through various eyes and capturing it with one lens.

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David Jordan
David Jordan is a mass communications student from Cary, North Carolina. His passions include music, film, art, and cooking.

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Alan Hantz
Alan Hantz teaches photojournalism at UNC Asheville. His work has appeared in a variety of publications and he is a regular presenter at the annual West Coast VISCOM conference.

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Morgan Davidson
Morgan Davidson is a Communication student at UNC Asheville. She enjoys photography as a hobby and for her college major.

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Hamish Horton
Originally from Bolivia, Hamish is a freelancing photographer/videographer. He currently studies Mass Communications and New Media at UNC Asheville.

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Bill Rhodes
Bill is a photographer based in Asheville, NC. His work has appeared in many national and regional publications over the years. You can see more of his work at billrhodesphoto.com

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Samuel Shumate
I want to make films

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Growing up in the DC area, started out as a painter and took his first photograph when his wife took a class in Photography. Since then, he has taken over 100,000 photos and not one class. That might sound arrogant or idiotic, but it was important to him to learn by doing, from his peers and because of curiosity, not a degree or license. Count on zen to get lots of shots in as much natural light as possible and to be as objective and invisible an observer as possible.  That’s why he doesn’t do weddings – he doesn’t want to direct anybody, just find the naturalness of an event.

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Tracie Acreman
Originally hailing from Hobart, Tasmania, I changed tack and adventured to a different kind of South, relocating with my family to Asheville in November 2009. Event photography is one way of exploring my new surroundings and engaging with people in the vibrant town I now call home. You can see more photos on my Flickr page

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Jess Williamson
Jess Williamson is a sophomore Mass Communication major and Dance minor at UNC Asheville. She calls Mount Airy, NC home when she has to leave the mountains she loves. She takes pictures constantly and is excited to participate on the site.

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Gordon Gellatly
Gordon is a Senior Mass Communications student at UNC Asheville, hailing from Washington, D.C. You can find him wherever you may find live music, craft beer, and delicious food.

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