Welcoming Circle at Raven and Crone

Raven & Crone held a Welcoming Circle for people trying to find a sense of community or spirituality. The officiators, David Taliesin and Emily Seippel, have been involved with the Raven & Crone store for several years and consider the store to be a hub for Asheville’s Pagan community.

“I was coming here a lot, and I mentioned that this was like a community center, sort of a great feeling as well as being a great resource and store, and I had talked to her about all the classes that she has,” Seippel said. “She mentioned that some groups are very specific and she wanted a group that would be open to males and females, and we thought that we’d have a good energy together, just to be welcoming.”

The meeting held on April 17 was the first of the Welcoming Circle. There was no precedence for how to hold the gathering, but the energy and familiarity were high that evening.

“We will always end with some kind of a work of meditation or of sending healing energy, or something like that because I think, for us as a group, that’s a powerful thing to do,” Taliesin said.

The group takes no money for itself, but they plan on taking donations for a different local charity every meeting, depending on which charity or organization Raven & Crone is supporting at the time.

“We’re open to where everyone is in their experience and from learning from each other,” Taliesin explained.

The Welcoming Circle will meet the third Sunday of every month.

Visit www.facebook.com/ashevilleravenandcrone/ or www.sabbatsandsabbaths.com for more information on the Welcoming Circle or the parties involved.