UNCA Jazz and Contemporary Music Ensembles

After a semester’s worth of diligent practicing and motivating instruction, the UNC Asheville Jazz and Contemporary Music Ensembles put on a diverse array of performances at Isis Music Hall on the evening on April 17.

The performances were part of the UNC Asheville Jazz Showcase which included Bluegrass Ensemble, ECM Ensemble, John Coltrane Ensemble, Ellington Ensemble and Large Jazz Ensemble.

The people who reserved tables watched the ensembles perform while eating a gourmet meal. Everyone else scattered around the top balcony and watched from above.

Joseph Dowdy, a senior at UNC Asheville, performed with several of the ensembles during this showcase. He plays the tenor and baritone saxophones. He said he is also learning to play the flute, clarinet and piano as well.
“The benefits to playing at Isis are that there is an incredible sound system, with very competent and knowledgeable sound technicians that make everything run smooth,” Dowdy said. “Plus the room sounds killer.”