Public Hearing on African-American Monuments at State Capitol

On April 19, the YMI Cultural Center held a public hearing on the proposed  installation of a monument on the grounds of the state Capitol.

Secretary Susan Klutzz of the North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources, accompanied by Deputy Secretary Kevin Cherry, said the monument is dedicated to honoring African-American contributions to the state of North Carolina.

Community members and representatives from Asheville organizations were in attendance, and offered comments and suggestions for the proposed monument. Some of the topics discussed were monument location and imagery, and the artist selection process.

One community member, Reverend Jim Abbott, evoked applause from the audience after he said that decisions regarding the monument ultimately needed to be made by African-Americans.

“This is a first in the history of the state of North Carolina,” said Secretary Klutzz. “By submitting your comments, you are a part of that history.”

After hearings conclude, a document will be drafted and posted for 30 days to allow for additional comment. Request for qualifications will begin in Fall upon finalization.

Suggestions can be made online though the NC Department of Cultural Resources.