Mindfulness Festival 2016

Live music emanated from the UNC Asheville quad as people of all ages gathered for the third annual Mindfulness Festival on April 23, the day after Earth Day.

Hula-hoopers, slack-liners, and barefoot attendees enjoyed the weather and browsed the 25 different vendor’s stations, while bands such as Jahman Brahman and I, Star performed in front of Ramsey Library.

Lyric Antio, one of the organizers of Mindfulness Festival, says the festival is completely volunteer run which brings a community together which, even though the event takes place at UNC Asheville’s campus, may not be affiliated with the university.

“We host things that appeal to all ages, you know.” Antio said, “we have a kids area with multiple kids activities; kids yoga, kids gymnastics, facepainting, stuff like that.”

In addition to children’s activities and music, Antio says the festival hosts mindfulness panels for anybody who wishes to attend.

“They are all highly educational,” Antio said, “and beyond the limited scope of the university.”

Organizers of the event are proud of the community they have created, and hope Mindfulness Festival will continue far into the future.