Malaprops Hosts Humanities Presentation

Malaprops hosted a presentation by Robert Newman from the National Humanities Center on April 21. Newman explained why humanities are an important subject to be taught in schools.

The National Humanities Center is a nonprofit organization that provides resources for teachers and holds presentations across the United States. Newman covered essential descriptions and explanations during his presentation, but opened the floor to questions from the audience afterward.

“Part of what the humanities does is try to ask questions and to get people to think and to provide context and substance to their thinking,” Newman said. “They’re as crucial today as they always have been, and even more so perhaps.”

Newman used stories from Robert Kennedy and Jane Goodall to explain what the humanities are and why they are important. In recent years, humanities programs are cut from budgets due to the tie to liberal arts education.

“I think there is a great deal of fear in terms of economic fear, and there’s also a lot of misunderstanding about the significance of the humanities and the broad-based nature of the humanities,” Newman explained. “And it’s important that we correct these misunderstandings.”

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