Ernest Cline visits Malaprop’s Bookstore and Cafe

Esteemed science fiction and dystopian novelist, Ernest Cline, attended Malaprop’s author signing event toward the end of his tour presenting Armada.

His second novel, Armada, was published July 14, 2015. It follows the story of a teenage boy who after playing too many Alien Invader games, got thrust into the reality of UFOs coming to Earth. He and he alone must protect everyone from alien invaders.

Along with Armada, Cline announced the film adaptation of his first novel, Ready Player One. Directed by Steven Spielberg, production is slated to begin Spring 2016.

Malaprop’s employees prepared for a large crowd to welcome Ernest Cline. However, Asheville residents continued to file in shoulder to shoulder after seating was filled, shocking the Malaprop’s employees.

He presented his inspiration for writing these two novels using a slideshow. Some of these slides included Star Wars fandom, 80s pop culture and the evolution of video games.

Ernest Cline finalized his first novel’s publication with Random House in 2010, which is now published in 40 countries in 33 different languages. The same day, Warner Bros purchased the film rights to Ready Player One.

“It had suddenly become my job to turn this unfilmable book that I had just written into a movie,” said 44-year-old Ernest Cline. “It was also a really good problem to have and also really exciting in a whole different level and experience.”