Ecofeminism Panel

On  April 1, the UNC Asheville Hyannis House held a panel discussion on Ecofeminism. “Ecofeminism is the intersection between environmentalism and feminism,” said  the conversation’s facilitator Shannon Bodeau.

The panel of experts included doula (modern midwife)  and UNC Asheville alumni Katie Toumazou, Chair of the History Department at UNC Asheville Tracie Rizzo, and Grace Campbell, a professor in the school’s humanities program.

The discussion invited other members to participate, discuss and ask questions about what ecofeminism means. Many members enthusiastically discussed the topic and how it relates not only to the female body and the environment, but also men and the LGBT community.

“There are injustices that harm humans and harm the environment and I personally don’t see what the difference is,” said Toumazou. “You can’t separate them. You have to look at how you use certain products and where they come from; what you are doing to your body; how are you treating your body; what is happening on the microcosm and what is happening on the macrocosm and put together all of the little pieces of your life.”