Asheville farmers markets reopen for spring

Local farmers markets reopen as warm spring weather returns to western North Carolina, according to Romantic Asheville, a popular website for tourists.

Mike McCreary, market manager of Asheville City Market, has been overseeing the market for eight years in it’s location downtown and in Biltmore Park.

McCreary said a couple hundred people normally shop the market, but in the summer those numbers can be in the thousands because of tourists.

The downtown location of Asheville City Market opened this spring on Saturday April 2 and the south market opened for the season this Wednesday.

Tom Ross, a grower specializing in trees that grow in the mountain regions, said he has been selling his plants at the Biltmore Park location since it began and loves it.

“I used to be a meteorologist, I’m retired,” Ross said. “My wife told me to do something that I like to get me out of the house.”

Julie Gunn, a local farmer who sells at Asheville City Market South, said the healthy organic food she saw at the market on a visit to Asheville made her eager to sell her own produce in the market.

“We have organic soy-free non-GMO eggs, from heritage-breed chickens,” Gunn said. “We believe in keeping biodiversity alive, we have some endangered plants and seeds and in two weeks or so we should have a full produce here at the market.”

Gunn owns the organic family farm, Myseanica with Steve Pittenger and their three children Maya, Shawn and Monica, and also sell knitted scarves and jewelry.

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