A Feast of Thrones at Lex 18

Easter has passed, March Madness is coming to a close, and it feels as though spring has arrived in the mountains of Western North Carolina. However, Lex 18, Asheville’s resident moonshine bar, has a message: “Winter is coming”.

Located at 18 N. Lexington Ave., Lex 18 has adopted the name House Lexington for their upcoming weekly Game of Thrones themed feasts.

With pewter goblets and tankards, themed cocktails, a themed three-course meal, costumed serving staff, performers, and a throne, Lex 18 has transformed itself into a stronghold for those who wish to protect themselves from white walkers, dragons, Lannisters, or Asheville’s hippies.

Georgia Malki, general manager of Lex 18, said this event series is a result of Lex 18’s highly successful Downton Abbey themed dinners.

“We would plan a script,” Malki said, “but sometimes the guests have come with their own personas. They would come as American tycoons, or British royalty. One guest was a Hollywood producer, visiting the Ellington’s, looking for investors and actors.”

Malki said events like this allow people to be characters in their favorite stories, create unique experiences outside of the show’s narrative, and creating the atmosphere allows the audience to become the actor. She says she is excited to see what the passionate fan-following of Game of Thrones will bring to the table.

By the fireplace, across the table from the throne, two costumed employees performed an original song, “The House of Lexington.”

“Typically I play the piano around town with different bands,” said Lenny Pettinelli, “but for this I’ll be playing the lute among other string instruments as Leonardo, a Madrigal of House Lexington with David Boyd, or his character, Sir David Boyd.”

For around $40, guests will be served a three-course meal and can enjoy the costumes, camaraderie, and a viewing of an episode of Game of Thrones.

“The prophecy will commence on April 24th, at 9 p.m.,” said Malki. “Our prophecy is divine through HBO. There will be no re-runs.”

Lex 18’s website, along with more information on this event, can be found here.