Mindfulness Fest

On April 23, UNC Asheville hosted its third annual Mindfulness Festival.

Lyric Antio is the coordinator of the festival.

“Mindfulness Festival is a one day event dedicated to creating a conscious community,” said Antio, “and bring in different age groups and different people who wouldn’t usually interact with the community.”

Antio estimated that about one thousand people of all ages attended the festival and participated in activities such as yoga, Live Action Role Playing (LARPing), shopping and dancing.

The festival lasted thirteen hours, from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. and brought many venders to UNC Asheville. Among these were a face painting station, the Brother Wolf Vegan Outreach Program and a station for LARPing. In addition, many workshops on meditation and drawing were held and there was even a panel for faculty appreciation.  

“Mindfulness festival originally started via Jesse Goldman three years ago,”  said Antio. “It’s really grown a lot.”