Animal Agriculture World Cafe


On March 29, a panel of guests from the Asheville community gathered in the Mountain Suites of Highsmith Student Union at UNC Asheville to discuss agricultural practices and ethical views concerning meat in modern society.

The discussion was facilitated by Lisette Gallaher and panelists included experts Tracy Monday from Mother Earth Meats, Sadra Schadel from No Evil Foods, Meredith Leigh, author of the “Ethical Meat Handbook” and Rowdy Keelor from Brother Wolf. Each guest had a different take on the effect of meat and eating animal based products has on our diets and our environment.

“The discussion was about the effect of animal agriculture on climate change and how we can work past the dichotomy between the meat based diet and attack the hold that corrupt industrial agriculture has on our diets,” said Gallagher.

The Animal Agriculture Cafe is sponsored by the Student Environmental Center at UNC Asheville as a part of Greenfest. Greenfest is a yearly effort the university makes in an effort to make a greener and more sustainable Asheville.