2016 Asheville Artisan Bread Makers Festival

The 2016 Asheville Artisan Bread Makers Festival was held last Saturday at the AB Tech Asheville campus.  Over 15 local bakeries attended the festival to sample and sell their breads.  Master bakers gave lectures and taught workshops for festival goers.

Presenting her book Bread Science at the festival, was Emily Buehler who, after receiving her PhD in chemistry, took up an interest in baking and became a professional baker for 6 years.

“I learned from people who didn’t think about the science at all, but they had a good procedure and they understood how the dough felt and what to do,” said Buehler.  “So I think it’s interesting, but I don’t think it’s necessary to be a great baker.”

“I think this is my fourth year here, but as a bakery we’ve been coming at least 10.  I love getting to interact with all the other bread makers, and to see all the products that are out there, what people are doing,” said Katie Gerber of Flatrock Village Bakery.  “It’s inspiring.”

“I didn’t really like the pretzels here, or the ones in Germany.  So I decided to make my own, and then my girlfriend said I could sell them and that’s how it started,” said Erhard Schoeffmann of Blunt Pretzels.