18th Annual Asheville Orchid Festival

This weekend the N.C. Arboretum will host it’s annual Asheville Orchid Festival, hosted by the Western North Carolina Orchid Society and the American Orchid Society, according to their website. This is the 18th year of the show.
Graham Ramsey, former president of WNCOS and co-chair of the Festival said the event has gotten larger each year.
“We started doing a small show for our local society, with local vendors and growers, and sister societies joined in and it just kept growing and growing and growing,” Ramsey said.
A couple of years back the president of AOS visited the festival in Asheville and was impressed with what he saw, Ramsey said.
Ramsey said this year, AOS is holding their spring meeting here in Asheville at the Hilton in Biltmore Park, during the weekend of the festival.
“This is a special year,” Ramsey said. “It’s like being tapped to be in the Olympics in the world of orchids.”

This year Ramsey said he approximates around eight thousand people will visit the Festival because of the nearby AOS meeting, compared with three to five thousand in previous years.
Ramsey said the local show has entered the international stage this year, with vendors and speakers from around the world.
For more information about WNCOS and this year’s Orchid Festival visit here.