Trade and Lore Welcomed Downtown

​Approximately 300 people walked through the door of a new coffee shop in downtown Asheville this Wednesday, as Trade and Lore hosted their soft opening of the shop.
Brock Kehoe, one-of-three owners of Trade and Lore, said this kind of unadvertised opening allows the staff to practice everything they had been working on before busy tourist-filled weekends.
Kehoe said he has opened restaurants before, but never for himself. His expertise combines with the coffee knowledge of his co-owners Lindsey Pitman and Sarah Winkler to create this new shop.
Winkler was formerly a barista at Waking Life in West Asheville, the coffee shop that received national media attention late last year due to the owners’ degrading internet posts.
“She quit right away and was in the news for a while. She asked for help and her friend Lindsay had a coffee shop in Charlotte, and offered her as many shifts there as she wanted,” Kehoe said. “Soon they decided to open up a shop in Asheville and they began asking for more help.”
Kehoe said Trade and Lore, located on Wall Street, specializes in unique and creative coffees that resemble cocktail beverages with very specific ingredients, only alcohol-free.
“Everything we can possibly source local, we do, and preferably right down the street,” Kehoe said. “We want to be sure our guests have the best experience possible.”