Syto Jeff at Sly Grog Lounge


Imagine a dark, quaint room with calm vibes and a positive atmosphere and you will start to see what the room felt like on Saturday, March 19 when the band Syto Jeff performed at a private club in Asheville.

This fully licensed entity is called Sly Grog Lounge. It started off a few years ago as the bar inside of the Downtown Market, which is a multi-vendor marketplace. Sly Grog created their own unique space after they moved to a different location next door to the market.

Syto Jeff formed in 2014, recording cassette demos in a band member’s house. They played their first show in Asheville in the spring of 2015. That summer, Miklos Bobagem, a music tech graduate from UNC Asheville began engineering the band’s sound and eventually joined their lineup.

“Sly Grog Lounge is a nice, intimate venue,” said Syto Jeff. “The management are always friendly and the live sound is superb.”

Syto Jeff has played shows around North Carolina and it’s surrounding areas.

“The energy always seems higher in Asheville, spectators seem receptive and more involved in the live show,” said Syto Jeff.


Sly Grog Lounge’s information and schedule can be found at