Phantomythography: A Young Ghost Comes of Age

On March 12, Pack Memorial Library displayed “Phantomythography: A Young Ghost Comes of Age,” a video installation by O.K. Keyes, an artist from South Carolina. Mechanical Eye Microcinema (MEM), a collective of experimental artists, helped to organize the event.

According to the MEM website, “Phantomythography” explores the fiction of memory and identity via the lens of a queer Southern space. The piece, set in the mid-2000s, focused on the lives of various young lesbians.

“The goal of this project was to gain control over a story which had dominated my life for a very long time,” Keyes said.

According to Keyes, the piece was inspired by an incident from their youth where they were recorded with their girlfriend without permission.

After the installation, Keyes held a workshop called “Glitch Perfect: A Free Glitchmaking Workshop.” According to the MEM website, “Glitch Perfect” was designed to teach teens and young adults the basics of creating glitch art.

“I think that making this kind of stuff more accessible to marginalized groups in some way can empower,” Keyes said. “I would hate to think that the patriarchy would be the only ones that could use it.”