North Carolina Primaries in Asheville

Lining up at the West Asheville Public Library, voters prepare to cast their votes for the North Carolina primary. 100 feet away from the entrance to the polls, volunteers pass out information about candidates, hoping to get some last minute votes.

“On the ballot now,” Anne Fittenglenn explains, “theres the governor, lieutenant governor, North Carolina treasurer, U.S. president, a couple of judicial seats, as well as a ballot for North Carolina bond approval. The biggest local race is this Buncombe County commission race.”

Fittenglenn is accompanied by her son, Cador, who says his principle approved a day-off to volunteer at the polls. Fittenglenn says volunteers and paid poll workers are important to have if the polls get busy.

“Apparently a lot of people did early voting this year,” Fittenglenn said, “so it’s not been too busy today.”

Across town, at Covenant Reformed Presbyterian Church, a white van drops UNC Asheville students at their polling location.

Kelly Early, a UNC Asheville student and volunteer for Democracy North Carolina, stands 100 feet from the church.

“We’ve had some incidents today.” Early said, “Specifically out-of-state students coming who have not been informed of the proper ID.”

Early said she believes a lot of students don’t know what they actually need in order to vote at the polls, when so many students cast absentee ballots.

After North Carolina’s votes had been tallied, Donald Trump walked with the republican vote, Hilary Clinton took the democratic primary, and Gary Johnson won the libertarian primary.