Looking For America

An unofficial Bernie Sanders rally was held February 28. Though Bernie Sanders was not going to appear, about 300 people gathered together for music and celebration at New Mountain Theater before walking to Pack Square.

The event began with music and speeches from notable political locals such as Isaac Coleman, who would be the first African American commissioner if elected.

The theme of the event was “Looking for America,” a title taken from the popular song by Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel.

Sage Fish, who is taking classes with North Carolina Virtual Academy, and Anala St. Germain, a student at Franklin Middle School, made signs together for the march.

St. Germain said she was interested in free college and the environment. “Because it’s the middle of winter and it’s in the sixties,” Germain said.

The assembly was not official, which meant there was no protection and no designated space for Sanders’ supporters. Hecklers yelled obscenities at the marchers who responded with statements such as “Love to you, too, brother!” Still, there were many approving honks from drivers and even a fist-bump or high-five here and there from other pedestrians.