Animal Adoption at Sanctuary Brewing Company

The last Wednesday of every month Sanctuary Brewing Company partners with Brother Wolf Animal Rescue to host an animal adoption.

Pets are always welcome at Sanctuary Brewing, but Brother Wolf brings volunteers and dogs to walk around and interact with bar patrons.

Brother Wolf members drive the animals from Asheville to Hendersonville, and have been doing this since Sanctuary Brewing opened in 2015.

Sandi Lee-Vielbaum, a volunteer since 2010, said the puppies usually get adopted very quickly, but Brother Wolf is trying to emphasize older dogs for adoption as well.

“Brother Wolf is expanding into Henderson country, said Lee-Vielbaum, “so we will try to do it more often.”

Brother Wolf is also currently in the process of opening their 80-acre animal sanctuary equipped with a dog park, rehabilitation center and clinic, according to their website.

For more information, visit the Sanctuary Brewing website or the Brother Wolf website.