Winter Warmer Beer Festival

Booze, pretzels and live music could all be found at the U.S. Cellular Center this past Saturday during the MountainTrue Winter Warmer Beer Festival.

Celebrating it’s ninth year, the event rescheduled for February 6 due to snow conditions in the previous weekend. This year’s roster based more local breweries after tightened regulations made it difficult for out-of-state beers to be tapped at festivals. However, 36 breweries were in attendance as well as over two dozen vendors and sponsors.

Running from 3 to 7 p.m., the festival catered to a steady flowing crowd who sported balloon hats, beer-can necklaces, party hats, and other booze-themed paraphernalia.

Tennessee native, Mike Martusch, commented on the celebrated beverage.

“I think beer is such a social beverage. It brings people together,” said Martusch, “to me, it’s the essential drink around a table of friends.”


People crowded by the booths to try products from several dozen breweries.












Corey Faithfull pours beer for Troegs Brewing Company.


Pretzels necklaces were as plentiful as the beer.


Every attendee received a stein.


Attendee, Hari-Mander, celebrated the day with a special hat to match his turban.