Underground Music Scene

Asheville is well known for it’s music scene, but not everyone knows about the existence of Asheville’s underground music scene. In many of the basements, garages, backyards and living rooms of local neighborhood houses you can find collaborative musical acts performing their own creative style.

Some house dwellers have committed their living space to help foster the underground musicians who want to perform on a regular basis. This is beneficial to people who are under the age of 18 and want a more intimate concert venue.

Emilyann Stein McKelvey is a local musician in Asheville who says there is a big difference between house shows and shows at concert venues.

“You can’t get naked in a public venue, for one and sometimes they only let in people who are 21-years-old or older for shows at bars,” McKelvey said. “Sometimes there’s a cover charge, drinks can be expensive and you can’t bring your own.”

She went on to mention that more freedoms are permitted in house shows than there are in public venues.

“House shows are just a lot more exciting, because the band is just right there with you instead of on a stage, and the crowd and the musician’s really feed off each other’s energy,” McKelvey said.