The Paint Bug at Weinhaus

Easels, paint, and brushes filled Asheville’s Weinhaus, located at 86 Patton Ave., while drinkers and painters trickled into the building.

Abbi Cord, owner of The Paint Bug, sets up her microphone, speakers, and paints in preparation for the growing crowd.

“We’re an art entertainment company.” Cord said, “We go into bars and restaurants around Asheville and we teach these step-by-step painting classes for adults, so that you can have some drinks while you’re learning how to paint.”

As guests grabbed their drinks and sat down, the lesson began. Craft beers served by the pint and glasses of wine line the tables alongside cups of water to clean brushes.

Connie Dixon sips her pinot grigio and looks at her painting’s progress.

“We’re from Lexington, North Carolina.” Dixon said, gesturing to her husband Tommy, “We’ve never done anything like this before. I don’t think Lexington has the community for this.”

Two hours after the first brush strokes, the artists sign their paintings and the art lesson comes to a close. Artists compare their paintings and chat as Cord breaks down the easels and begins to clean the brushes.

“It’s basically something else to do in a bar, other than just drink.” Cord said, “Who needs another excuse to drink beer?”

The Paint Bug’s website can be found here.