Rocky Horror Picture Show

Originally a movie released in 1975, “Rocky Horror Picture Show” became to be known as a cult film, meant to be experienced in a large group of people in order to understand the story line.

It’s a strange and incredible world for newly engaged couple Brad and Janet, referred to as “asshole and slut;” however they encounter a problematic situation when they become lost and stop at a mansion to ask to use their phone.

The castle they happen upon belongs to Dr. Frank-N-Furter, a transvestite, where a large group of Transylvanian’s dance to the “Time Warp” and the mad scientist builds his own handsome lover, Rocky Horror.

Last Monday, the Orange Peel hosted Unexpected Pleasures’ presentation of Rocky Horror Picture Show. Famous for being performed live, the Orange Peel received more of a turn-out than was expected. Before the show could begin, staff rolled out at least fifty more chairs in order to accommodate the audience.

Unexpected Pleasures is the Asheville, NC shadow cast for the Rocky Horror Picture Show, according to the website found at

The show opens with the movie character Riff Raff, who works as a handyman. The purpose of this character is to rile the crowd up and get them to go along with the shouting of obscenities, such as, “this movie makes me hard.”

The beauty of this performance is the audience participation, referring to a culture of different generations’ interpretation of the movie, “Rocky Horror Picture show.” A type-out of the audience participation can be found at: .

From rice being thrown, toilet paper being tossed and the non-virgin’s shouting things you would never hear on the radio, this performance continues live because of the following it has received since fans in 1975.

Live shows occur the second Saturday at every month at Asheville Pizza & Brewing on Merrimon Road, show starts at 10 p.m.

While this location encourages fans to dress up and bring their own props, they do not allow rice, hot dogs, confetti, toast and shaving cream in their theater.