Hotel Construction

A collection of “mom and pop” shops, coffee shops, local art museums, and tattoo parlors lining the streets makes up the downtown Asheville region. Gradually over the years, new hotels continue to make their claims in areas like downtown Asheville, South Asheville, and West Asheville. Within the last two years there have been seven hotel plans in the works for the Asheville area, five of which are located in downtown, according to Ashvegas’s website.

“It’s going to be both positive and negative, like any form of growth. The positive: it’ll bring more people to the downtown area, which we are very happy about,” says Chelsea Bollhoeffer, hotel manager for The Windsor, “Negative we are all worried about parking and traffic.”

The Windsor is a 14-room hotel down the block from the current point of construction on Broadway Street. The construction of a 120-room Marriott off stands where the previous parking garage on the corner of Broadway Street and College Street, according to Citizen-Times. Overall, the businesses nearby hold hopes for a surge in commerces and tourism that may come with the hotel, according to Bollhoeffer.

“We don’t really have a choice. We have to go with it like everyone else,” says Lauren Bruno, an employee at Old Europe, “If that many people are going to come the demand is going to go up, and we have to be ready to change with it.”