Asheville Pizza and Brewery

Asheville Pizza and Brewing Company on Merrimon Avenue has a variety of different attractions slammed into one building. Once an old fashioned movie theater, its success skyrocketed after it was transformed into both a restaurant and a theater.

In addition, there is also an arcade where kids of all ages can play games and watch cartoons on massive screens. The interior and the menus are decorated with tributes to thousands of movies. Even their menu options are movie references (i.e. Pulp Fiction’s “Royale with Cheese”).

“This is the best place in town,” said Kurt Blankenburg, an APBC regular who sits with his wife Debbie and his two dogs at one of the tables situated on the exterior patio. “It’s the most welcoming place in Asheville.” The Blankenburgs praise all the food and the beer available at the restaurant.
Sean, an employee, said the ingredients used in the food are largely products of local farms. They have many vegetarian options, from Popeye’s Spinach Burger to the William Shatner Quesadilla (nothing but cheese).

“It’s probably one of the oldest breweries in town,” says Sean, “And it’s definitely one of the only family oriented ones that I know of.”

List of Movies

A list of movies being played at the restaurant.




Weekly $2 Tuesdays in which each slice of pizza was $2. They are not small pieces either.



The theater in the back of the restaurant where patrons can eat and watch movies as well.


A menu portraying many beloved movie characters.


One of APBC’s beautiful salads.