2016 Southeast Collegiate Fitness Expo

The University of North Carolina at Asheville’s Sherrill Center hosted the 2016 Southeast Collegiate Fitness Expo this past Saturday. Classes, lectures and demos were all part of the two-day event that attracted over 40 universities from around the region.

Florida State University, North Carolina State University, and Virginia Tech University were a few of the schools that made up attendance of over 400 people. This is the second time that the event has been held in Asheville.

Some of the classes that took place included Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga, Kenpoga, and Self-Defense Conditioning. Instructors included visitors from other schools, professional instructors and students from UNC Asheville.

Alan Malpass, a fitness instructor and a 10-year member of the Asheville Ballet Company, is teaching Zumba and Ballet in Cardio? during the weekend. He has a collection of 27 different kilts that he wears while teaching classes.

“The kilt is mostly about comfort.” Malpass said. “It’s just part of who I am. I don’t like wearing pants.”


More photos and information on this year’s fitness expo can be found at https://www.facebook.com/events/1647146128891617/



Chancellor Mary K. Grant welcomes attendees at the beginning of the expo on Saturday.


Paddle board yoga added an extra level of difficulty to traditional poses.


Kimmel Arena was used to host large fitness classes.


Fitness instructor, Alan Malpass, often wears kilts while exercising.


Instructor Malina Navarez teaches a kickboxing class.