Winter Storm Jonas

North Carolina was under a state of emergency as Winter Storm Jonas toppled records. 

The Asheville community was hit with 10.6 inches of snow, breaking the previous record. Ice formed from the snow continuously melting and refreezing over the next several days, which forced people to stay home after the initial storm.

However, some people were able to trudge through the snow, either for work or for play. Some businesses downtown were open for a few hours while others were too snowed-in for business.

Kristen, a local witch who refused to give her full name, felt drawn to the snow. She made a selenite staff and posed it downtown for a personal photo-shoot.

“I made it as an air-elemental staff,” Kristen said, “but today I felt kind of like a snow witch.”

By five in the afternoon, the temperature dropped to about 25°F, and t he amount of people downtown dropped as well as businesses closed and sent their employees home.

Walking to Downtown from Hillside Street

Walking alone to Downtown in the snow Friday afternoon

Pritchard Park, Friday Evening

A rarely-seen empty Pritchard Park on a Friday evening

Kristen, the Winter Witch, Setting Up Her Selenite Staff

Winter Witch Kristen putting up her selenite staff in front of the Vance memorial for a personal photoshoot

Clearing Snow on Spears Avenue

Spears Avenue resident clearing the snow off his car