Highland Community Night w/ Colburn Science Museum

Highland Brewing Company hosted its monthly Community Night Thursday Jan. 21, with the Colburn Earth Science Museum.

According to the Highland Brewing Company’s website, Thursday’s Community Night was in celebration of the museum’s relocation to Patton Ave. as well as the museum’s rebranding. In 2016, the Colburn Earth Science Museum will be renamed as the Asheville Museum of Science.

Anna Priest, the museum’s executive director, said once the museum reopens in the summer, the staff will attempt to diversify the material they present.

“We’re going to be expanding our mission to go beyond earth science.” said Priest. “You name it, we’ll do it.” Priest said the museum will also try to incorporate the use of more interactive and temporary exhibits.

The Elumenati, an Asheville engineering firm, provided an inflatable dome to entertain the event’s attendees. During the course of the night, images of coral reefs from around the world and other nature scenes were projected on the inside of the dome. Clayton Hooker, a designer for the Elumenati, said the company often collaborates with the Colburn Earth Science Museum.

According to Highland’s website, $1 of every pint of beer sold was donated to the museum during the event. Regular donations were also accepted. Additionally, Highland is accepting donations to the museum throughout January.

A peek inside Highland's brewery.

A peek inside Highland’s brewery.

The dome provided by the Elumenati.

The dome provided by the Elumenati.

Highland encouraged people of all ages to come to Community Night.

How to tell when you're at Highland.

How to tell when you’re at Highland.