“We Do Campaign” May 11th, 2012

Just three short day’s after North Carolina voters approved Amendment One, banning Same-Sex Marriage in the state, Asheville based Marriage Equality group, Campaign For Southern Equality, drew a crowd of hundreds to the city’s offices in protest.  CSE’s “We Do” campaign brings together Same-Sex couples to city halls across the state, in order to request (and be denied of) marriage licenses.

While CSE has been engaged in staging “We Do” actions for several years, they have intensified their efforts to include 8 North Carolina Cities in one week, in the wake of last Wednesday’s vote.  All 8 protests will include sit in’s by some of the rejected couples, expected to result in arrests. With 8 individuals arrested yesterday in Asheville on charges of 2nd degree Trespassing, the total so far has reached 10 arrests state wide.

On Monday the 14th, CSE will take the We Do campaign to Ashboro, and on Tuesday the 15th to Charlotte.

Asheville Citizen Times has further details on yesterday’s protest.