BRRG – Frosted Skates

Frosted Skates BRRG post by Alice of IO Design and Illustrations

The Blue Ridge Rollergirls hosted the final roller derby doubleheader bout of the 2011 season on Saturday, November 19th.  Both bouts of “Frosted Skates”  ended with a a Blue Ridge victory.

In the first bout of the evening, the Blue Ridge French Broads played against the Charlotte B-Dazzlers.  The French Broad’s victory was 199 to 34 for Charlotte.

In the headlining bout, the Blue Ridge All Stars took on the Charlotte All-Stars from Charlotte, NC and were victorious.  The final score was 231-77.  Blue Ridge’s defense was strong and kept Charlotte locked down while the Blue Ridge jammers were able to score despite attempts by Charlotte to tighten down their own defense.