First Meeting of New Food Policy Council

The AVL/Buncombe Food Policy Council (AB-FPC) aims to create a broad action agenda to alleviate poverty, improve public health, expand local commerce, and further sustainability initiatives by addressing Food Security issues.

In 1982, Food Policy Councils began and have since sprung up in communities across America. The organizers hope to base AB-FPC on successful models that have led to action in municipal, county, regional, and state policies elsewhere. Their goal is to be a catalyst for innovative partnerships between government, non-profits, and the private sector.

Over 100 people from all over the Asheville-Buncombe County area met to outline goals and objectives for this new group. By splitting into pairs they got to know each other better and got a handle on how their personal and work histories could be used to further the groups goals. After the interviews, they met in groups and defined strengths and Trends/opportunities discovered in each other.

The list they came up with will help guide the AB-FPC as they do their work.