Gasoline-Powered Shop Vacuum

Come on, fans of Tim ‘the toolman’ Taylor… that phrase has to have you going, what, what, WHAT? Yes, you heard that right. Asheville Greenworks has developed a gasoline-powered vacuum to use on street cleanups.
A former olive barrel, converted to rain barrel is now sporting a 25cc 200-MPH leaf blower motor on it’s modified top. The whole thing sits on a hand truck for now. A standard flexible downwspout hose is used for pick up.
Inital testing have shown full 1-litre bottles are sucked right in with no problem at all. A medium Sonic Drive-In cup, however catches on the ribs of the hose, if it is not smashed flat.
A new addition this evening was a filter on the inside fashioned from panty hose, and held on with a wire-tie.
This creature needs a name. Its first field use comes tomorrow morning on West Asheville Watch’s Louisana Avenue cleanup. Come on over to the Ingles parking lot at 9a.m. and watch the fun!