Emperor X Rocks Harvest Records

Emperor X blew into town with a couple of guys from Johnson City, TN that had only met a few hours before. For most bands/singer-song-writers, this would be a disaster.

For Emperor X, it is routine–a welcome way to keep his wits fresh and mind sharp. As he travels around the country he buries tapes and makes fans search for them using GPS, a’la Geocaching. If they don’t get found, they don’t get heard.

The guys from Johnson City, Walker Mallory on Guitar and Accordion, and Jake Merrick on Guitar and Saw (US Made, too!) were, in spite of limited time to prepare, top-notch accompanists, and notable additions to the list of musicians who have played with Emperor X.

How do you describe Emperor X? Of course Indie comes to mind too easily. Pop is too generic. I find his lyrics the most literate and fresh of any songwriter since John Prine. In one song he evokes the horror of war, the joy of riding a train, the new smell of love, and more. The lyrics take you places, sometimes places you have been, sometimes places you will go.

What more could you ask? More music, for sure. He announced a new album this night. We fans can’t wait.