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Blue Ridge Roller Derby, Lord of the Rinks Double Header

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Blue Ridge Roller Girls hosted a double header at the Asheville Civic Center July 16th. This will be the last home bout for BRRG in the Civic Center as it is now. November is the next home bout in a newly-refurbished house.

Unfortunately, the big story of both bouts this evening was injuries. Three times play had to be stopped to aid a skater down on the track, several others managed to get off the track. Just Asheville’s turn. It had been a while since there had been an injury which required medics to go on the track. Again, just to remind those new to derby, it is a sport, not a show, and people get hurt, sometimes seriously.

The opening bout between the French Broads of BRRG and the Gate City Rollergirls of Greensboro was hard-fought. Betty Rumble for GCRG and Dr. Octopushy both did outstanding jobs as jammers for their teams and earned MVP recognition.

The French Broads made an amazing move late in the second half, but in the end, came up just short on points.

The featured event of the night was the long-awaited clash between BRRG’s All Stars and the Carolina Bootleggers of Raleigh.

There is lots of cross over on these two teams, many of them have played together on various pick-up leagues all over the Carolinas, but the main attraction was Moong Chi returning to skate against her old teammates, BRRG.

CRG is a very explosive team, and BRRG had been working on defense, and it showed. CRG could never really get any kind of points on the board, while Tigra, DragNSlayer, and CaslamityJane all posted double digit jams.

Early in the second half, one of Carolina’s power players went down with an ankle injury and was carried from the track. 46 minutes or so later, ElektraQtion re-emerged and skated the rest of the game. Amazing.

Standouts for this bout were Tigra and Moong Chi for jamming, Rigor Morticia and ErnaBeatin for defense.
Final Scores:

Greensboro-167 / Blue Ridge French Broads-149,
Carolina Bootleggers-62 / Blue Ridge All-Stars-190