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Friday Night Bands At The Grey Eagle

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This night ran the gamut from single guitar/voice to big-band punk with stops at gypsy punk and indie rock.

Starting off the night was The Pete Lutz, a local videographer and singer with a short set featuring some well-done covers of Tom Waits songs.

Next up was the G String Orchestra, fresh off the road on bicycles with dogs. A quartet travelling from New Orleans towards upstate New York, they are Ian Cook on Violin, David Young on bass, Sarah Jacobs on accordion, and Allan Owen on guitar. Playing traditional and hacked music in the ‘gypsy punk’ style mostly. Very nice mix of vocals, with good harmonies, and appropriate odd noises here and there.

Then we had another local band, with a name change. Severe and Profound, The Sleepover, and now Rond. Even while still searching for an identity brand, the songs were, as always, amusing and real. Rond is Rod Murphy, Todd Lester, Jason Smith, Bryan Morrisey, Daniel Clelland, and Adam Taylor. Experimenting with some new arrangements of their usual songs tonight was a little confusing if you have seen them before, but first time fans did not seem to mind at all.

The final band, Big Hungry is a sort-of local band which started off in Florida a few years back. They have been seen around town in various combinations of this group, but I believe this is the first we have had all of them in one place on stage. Lineup is Zaq Suarez sings lead/guitar, Zack Hayes on drums, Zach Deir on bass, Ben Woodward on percussion, Mike Coravetz on coronet, Dave Milan at keyboard, Brady Lee on harmony, and Brad Rogers on electric guitar.

Yes, 3 Zach’s.. all spelled differently. You can’t make this stuff up.

Big Hungry is kind of hard to classify. Definitely electronic and acid rock-style influenced, but also raw bluesy energy. More than worth your time to see. In fact, you should make time to see any of these bands, if you get the chance.