Fold a thousand paper cranes

On June 1st 2011 Judith Hallock was diagnosed with Grade 4 Brainstem Glioma, which is a form of cancer that is inoperable and deadly. Judith has been a peace activist for her entire life, and has started / supported countless initiatives to support world peace including co-founding a non-profit OREPA, Good Samaritan clinic in Sylva where patients can get care and being a health provider for her career.

More than anything she would like to see world peace so following in the story of Sadako Sasaki we would like to honor this wish by making 1000 cranes with the wish for World Peace. These cranes will help lift her spirits like she has done for so many others in the peace movement. This is the final event of that honor, finished at The Hop on Merrimon where the community grouped together and finished well over 1000 paper cranes.