The Mother Of All Poetry Slams

Over 100 poetry fans graced the downtown Masonic Lodge for the May edition of the Asheville Poetry Slam, The Mother of All Poetry Slams.

Mother’s Day? Poetry slam? Sure, why not. We all have them, whether we love them or not, wherever they are, and whatever they do, mothers do unite us as a people. And as we all know, poets are people too.

So, Griffin, in a style which can only be described as showman-like, called his mother and read a poem for her, which brought tears to his eyes, and several others in the audience, and presumably, his mom too. There were several other mother-related offerings, notably from Debra Wells and Dennie.

The featured poet of the night was Jade Sylvan, a poet, artist, and musician from Boston who came from a gig in Richmond, VA last night and headed for DC the next night. She’s a poet, remember… not a trip planner. She had an interesting mix of word and song to offer and a well-appointed merchandise table. She may have been bit by the Asheville bug, she was impressed with the venue, for sure.