Cane Creek Airsoft

Cane Creek Airsoft has set the stage for war as weekend warriors, gaming fanatics and ex-military battle it out for possession of the coveted nuclear bomb.


It’s early morning in the mountains of Fletcher, North Carolina and the troops have assembled. Briefed shortly on the importance of safety they fall into teams and receive the details of their mission. Players spread out across an 80 acre playing field of mountain terrain with thick brush, rocky barriers, assembled wood piles, mounds of dirt and debris, a fish pond and a winding dirt road that snakes through the center of the battlefield and is best to stay off of.

Intense action begins almost immediately and the sound of fire fights ring out in every direction. Then, a cry is heard, “Medic… I need a Medic!” A small boy with a red band tied around his arm rushes to his aid, touching the wounded soldier for 10 seconds relieving him of his injury and placing him back into action.

Hours later after several attacks and retreats a team is victorious and has captured the nuke. Back at base camp stories from the battle are shared with friends and it is lunch time. The soldiers fill up their bellies reload their weapons and supplies and head off again for round two.

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