Roots Cafe Delivery Truck Project

Matt Parris’ cafe, Roots Cafe, is near the bottom of Chicken Hill – famous for its Trackside Gallery of graffiti artists. His big white boxy delivery truck was a target for passing taggers, and so Matt decided he’d invite the more creative taggers to cover the truck and have an artistic delivery truck and prevent more taggers who honor good throw-ups. But, that’s not always how it goes, and so the truck was hit a few more times on top of the invited art.

So Matt contracted Ian Wilkinson of the Asheville Mural Project to ‘clean up’ the overtags and to put the Roots Cafe logo on the truck, while respecting the original artistic intent. Matt got involved in the creative process and so i caught them discussing and ‘fixing’ up the truck.

Interestingly, Matt admitted that he rents out the truck to others who need a large delivery truck, but that several more prim and proper food establishments like the Biltmore House will not allow the truck on the property because it “looks bad.” Well, you be the judge, and as you see it around town, tell them how you feel about it!