Idiotarod 2011

Five team members. One shopping cart. Configuration limited by taste and imagination alone. Get it from start to finish as fast as you can.

But, there are curves ahead. Beware the fake challenges but don’t skip the real ones.

Some of the ones caught at the Blue Ridge Roller Girl’s fake challenge are pictured here. Sorry guys, it was all in fun.

Of course, this much silliness must be for a good cause, right? I mean, aren’t most of them? Yes. Manna Food Bank is the recipient of the largess of idiots this day. If you don’t know of them, get acquainted with the largest hunger-fighting, food-on-the-table-providing, helpful organization in Western North Carolina.

The route of the race was along Riverside Drive, from Broadway to the River Arts District. After the race, the participants and spectators gathered at the Wedge Brewery before decamping to Asheville Pizza and Brewing on Coxe Ave. for festivities and awards.