Friday Night Music at 11 Grove

Three bands. Late night. In the basement venue The Boiler Room.

Leading off is The Dark Shave a 2-year old trio from Asheville. Dave Milan, Sharky Milan, and Eric Ernst form a power trio with some surprising and amusing lyrics with a driving drum line.

The middle group from Blacksburg, VA known as Nash, Smith, and Ganges is on a swing tour through the Carolinas, Georgia, and Tennessee over spring break. Selling cassettes (yes tape!) at the show, the music is a delicious mix of electronic-psychedelic-folk. The group, more of a collective they say, is Rob Kenagy on guitar and vocals, Melissa Smith on keyboards and vocals, and Mark Arciaga on drums and electronics.

Then we come to the big band of the night. After two trios, we more than double the personnel on the stage with Mystery Cult, certainly one of the most experimental and versatile bands in Asheville. Plagued with equipment problems, easily overcome due to the depth of this septet, the set did not suffer. The vocals blended perfectly with the mellow base line and drums and the guitars and keyboard kept up their conversations.

All in all, you can’t lose with any of these three bands, and to see them together made for a great night of music.