Volunteers Beautify West Asheville

A group of volunteers committed an act of guerrilla, or Girlilla, gardening today, cleaning up the traffic triangles on the corner of Haywood Road and Westwood Place. Led by Laurie Newman of Farm Girl Garden Design and ably assisted by Megan, Chris, Christopher and about 8 others, they cut weeds, trimmed perennials, removed various trash, and mulched the ground.
About 6 bags of trash were removed including some bizzare finds like soiled underwear, a broken crack pipe, a state survey marker, and a five-dollar bill.
Okay, so the $5 did not go in a trash bag. They are volunteers, not crazy.
Neither did the stake, I am going to try to find its home.
Unfortunately, I did not get there in time to get the whole group photographed. Let that be a lesson. ALWAYS have your camera with you. Yes, I am not a machine.