Forty Fingers and A Missing Tooth

At the Merrimon Avenue Hop
Forty Fingers and A Missing Tooth played a return engagement at The Hop ice cream shop on Merrimon Avenue. If you don’t know them, you are missing a real juggling good time. In the past they have played all over Asheville, from Roller Derby, to LEAF, to LAFF, and beyond.
Who are they?
Lets see, there’s Big Gulp (Ingrid), R2D10 (Walter), Thunderbolt Firestorm (Keith), and Cupcake (Britt). Seems like maybe Cupcake is the one missing a tooth? They don’t count toes. Hmmmm. Maybe a new act for them?
They combine acrobatics and, well, juggling with a little illusion and crowd participation and cross-dressing tossed in.
Kids love them. Adults fear to volunteer for them.
All in all, it is a good time for all.