Erotic Poetry Slam

Asheville Poetry Slam is back, with their second show of the year in their new venue, the Downtown Masonic Lodge. If you have not been in this gem of a building, you are missing an interesting piece of Asheville. Hidden on the 3rd and 4th floors of this impressive building on Broadway is a fantastic theater/performance space. There is not a bad seat in the place, the acoustics are amazing, even in the balcony.
At any rate, the February show was dedicated to the erotic. Not that you have to tempt poets to go there anyway, but all bets were off on this night.
Now, you would think that erotic poetry, in Asheville, on a cold night, in a Masonic Temple would not draw a lot of people. Oh yeah, there was some kind of sporting event on television too, (Peelers vs. Stackers)?
Don’t you worry, bunky, nearly 130 stalwart poetry fans were on hand to see Michael Jordan open on guitar, hear some new and old works and warmly greet the featured poet of the night, Josephus III, of Greensboro, NC.
Eleven poets competed in the slam, which after two ties, was won by a thin 0.1 point by Emma Erbach over Eileen Walkenstein. This makes 2-in-a-row for Emma at the Asheville Slam.
The next slam is March 13 at the Masonic Temple on Broadway.