Friday Night at the Get Down

If you don’t know the Get Down, and you are into local music, you are missing out. Near the corner of Haywood Road and Patton Avenue, the venue hosts some of the best known and unknown local bands.
This night was no exception with three West Asheville bands sharing the billboard.
Starting off was the Lost Gospels, a talented duo of string players joined this night by a drummer. You don’t see guitar and bass players switching instruments, headed for the keyboard, or picking up a harmonica too often. You will with these guys. Very entertaining.
Next was Annex Band, a new band with a lot of talent. Along with the usual guitar/drum mix they add cello, violin, and banjo with good effect and an almost old-time feeling to many songs.
The final band, The Sleepover (aka Severe and Profound) takes it’s tone from the lyrics of Rod Murphy, the lead singer.
Songs about America’s infatuation with Lesbians, an exposed testicle at a birthday party, summer work on the highway department, nonsensical (but hilarious) no recognizable word covers of classic songs, and a fist fight with a wrestling-obsessed retarded man are all on the playlist.
And the fans love it.
So, get thee to the Get Down and get down with some local music.