Asheville FM’s Diet Riot Finale Show

Diet Riot, one of my personal favorite shows on Asheville FM, is calling it quits after tonights show. Both Heather and Christina are going on to bigger and better things, and exotic locales.
I was able to get in and take some pictures on this special night.
Their live musical guests were Zaq Suaraez and Ben Woodward of a new Asheville band called Big Hungry. Big Hungry is fleshing out some tunes and will be appearing around Asheville soon. The complete group also features electronic music, another guitar, drums, and bass.
Tonights version was just Zaq on guitar and Ben (the hype man) on percussion. Based on the songs they did, these guys are going places. Look for them soon, in the usual places.

UPDATE: You can hear the show here with a promo/mini interview about at :38 or so with me, and the music starts around :45 or so. Just scroll down to listen.